In Agile PLM, I am trying to use FileLoad Function but getting following Error.

Below Import file I have created for Uploading file in DMR attachment.
ITEM, DMR167254, 00, file://YY022002/Share/Agile_Hammerhead/Agile_Hammerhead/Hammerhead%20Windchil%20PDF/452212876680_110m_1_approved.pdf FILE, Ring_Check

But I got below errors.

Row #1:ITEM|DMR16725400|00|file://YY022002/Share/Agile_Hammerhead/Agile_Hammerhead/Hammerhead%20Windchil%20PDF/452212876680_110m_1_approved.pdf|FILE|RING_FILE|20/06/2016
Number of fields provided is less than the minimum required.


Row #1:ITEM,DMR16725400,00,file://YY022002/Share/Agile_Hammerhead/Agile_Hammerhead/Hammerhead%20Windchil%20PDF/452212876680_110m_1_approved.pdf,FILE,RING_FILE,20/06/2016
The attribute Name-Value separator was not found or the attribute value is empty.

Please support me so that I can upload file using FILELOAD Function.

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