Unknown Number: Object does not exist. in AgileWSX Query

I am trying to build a query to identify the no of programs in Agile PLM using wsx services.

i am getting the below error message while getting the results in log
 com.agile.api.pc.PCRuntimeAPIException: Unknown Number: Object does not exist.
    at com.agile.api.pc.APIObject.createUncheckedError(APIObject.java:103)
    at com.agile.api.pc.AgileObject.getCMObjectID(AgileObject.java:157)
    at com.agile.api.pc.program.Program.getCMObjectID(Program.java:216)
    at com.agile.api.pc.program.Program.invalidate(Program.java:439)
    at com.agile.api.pc.Session.refeshLoadedObjects(Session.java:978)
    at com.agile.api.pc.APIObject.refreshLoadedObjects(APIObject.java:321)
    at com.agile.api.pc.query.Query.setCaseSensitive(Query.java:339)

I am not getting the above message every time, but only in some instances.

any idea how to trouble shoot and correct the issue.

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